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Who we are
About Us:
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The Lewisham Stop and Search Scrutiny Group is an independent team of community minded people, who scrutinise the use of police Stop and Search within the borough of Lewisham. Our aim is to make the police accountable for their conduct during Stop and Searches in order to ensure lawful and fair use of such powers. The group is a sub-group of the Lewisham Community Police Consultative Group (LCPCG).

Our ethos is:

- To provide a community voice and platform for improving the quality of Stop & Search engagements.

– To challenge unlawful, unfair and disproportionate use of Stop and Search powers where identified.

– To operate transparently and with integrity to restore confidence in policing within local groups most affected by Stop & Search.

The Stop and Search Group is an independent body who work with the necessary agencies and community groups to develop best practice, avoid duplication of work and share information of new changes in police practice and policies. Our work also includes developing and participating in projects that inform the local community of changes in police practice/legislation and most importantly for individuals to know their rights and responsibilities around Stop & Search.

The website:

This website aims to give the Lewisham community a better insight into who we are and what we do. We have created Top Tips so that individuals can learn how to communicate with the police better. This website also aims to grow so it is important that you contact us and use this website in order to keep our hard work going. Remember we are a community based organisation, we are all volunteers here and we all care about Lewisham. We want to see stop and search used to protect us all from others who seek to harm our community in any way.

Emmanuel Imuere, chairman of the stop and search group, talks about his role and aims.
Meet the Chairman
A word from the Vice Chairman
Hi, my name is Sadiki Harris. I am a videographer/ director and I am also the vice chairman of the Lewisham stop and search scrutiny group. For me, stop and search is one of the most important and one of the most misunderstood issues affecting people in the UK today. It is my hope that this website will help to clear up some of the misconceptions about stop and search. The ultimate aim of this website is to drive home the importance of making complaints when you are subjected to a stop and search that, in your opinion, is unsatisfactory. Making complaints is the only way that we, the community, can make changes in stop and search.
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